Contact —
+44 7981 388 969

01. The Marshes, [H]
— A grassroots institution



02. Design for
— Climate and Social Justice




03. Logo Design for
— Sam Knight, Rondo Reports, Raimes


Me —

I am a young graphic designer from London who has studied visual communication at postgraduate level at the London College of Communication.

I have four years of freelance experience, designing logos, ads, online articles and motion graphics for startups, online periodicals and record labels. My recent education has given me a solid foundation in design theory and practices, as well as a new-found passion for editorial/poster design and branding. 

In my own time, I like to stay up to date with design news and trends, and keep an open mind for inspiration. I enjoy experimenting with typography and abstract forms for my own personal projects, and always carry a sketchbook around with me.

I see design as a tool to solve problems, and I believe it can be used to solve big problems through lateral thinking that will make the world a better a place.
01. —

The Marshes, [H] is a personal project that celebrates London’s Hackney Marshes, as a space and as a venue for grassroots football on Sunday mornings.

I wanted to highlight the important role it plays in the local community, but also acknowlege the issues that are putting the grassroots game in jeopardy.

Referees are consistently abused by players, coaches or spectators during amateur games and it’s causing the their numbers to fall. Without them, games can’t go ahead.

‘No Footy Without Refs.’
02. —

These are a series of design projects, each responding to a brief within the subject-matter of climate or social justice. 

They all focus on a different design practice; typographic classification, typographic hierarchy, visual language, and information design.

For project 1 I designed postcards for the UN Sustainable Development Goals, experimenting with semantic typography.

Project 2 is a poster/invite for a hypothetical event, considering impactful compositions whilst maintaining clear typographic hierarchies.

Project 3 is an online campaign about re-wilding efforts in London, that uses reductive illustration and negative space to create a consistent visual language.

Finally Project 4 is a data visualisation for the provision of eye-care on a global scale and across demographics, with a clever central image that helps make the subject-matter instantly recognisable. 
03. —

Three recent logo designs for myself and two startup ventures.

My personal logo is a concept design originating from an experimental typeface I created by rotating and repeating a single shape to create characters. In this case, I used a quarter circle.

Rondo Reports is a online football scouting network and their logo required a bright colour to stand out aomngst the crowd. I wanted to make a big deal out of their catchy name so used the ‘RR’ to highlight the alliteration.

Raimes is a grassroots picture framing company based in London. We came up with the idea to use a wheatsheef as an icon to symbolise a natural, reliable product. I wanted it to have a paintily feel to really give that impression of high quality craftsmanship